The Dollar General





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Above, from top: inside Stan Martin Ford; T. Ryder Smith and Michael Rudko; Karl Bury and Michael Rudko; the Dollar General; Michael Rudko and T. Ryder Smith; David Chandler; Michael Rudko and Thomas Jay Ryan; Michael Rudko and Karl Bury, T. Ryder Smith and Michael Rudko.


The Dollar General, a funny, quiet, cinematographically deadpan meditation on economics, crisis, loss and change, shot in an abandoned Ford dealership.
That is, it’s a movie about America right now. It’s a beautiful movie, profoundly affecting in its visual rusticity, and its haunting final scene – the final shot, especially – numbers among the most memorable committed to film in this country in recent years.”
– Ryan Hatch

NOTE: you can watch the entire film on the Vimeo page, linked above right






Above, from top: Daniel Fish, Joshua Thorson, Michael Rudko, T. Ryder Smith; same, with Milo Cramer on sound; Joshua Thorson and Daniel Fish; T. Ryder Smith.