As You Like It



Cheryl Williams as Rosalind; T. Ryder Smith as Touchstone.


Geraldine Singer as Audrey; T. Ryder Smith as Touchstone.                           


Audrey and Touchstone


Geraldine Singer as Audrey, T. Ryder Smith as Touchstone, J.C. Hoyt as Willem.




Excerpts from the reviews

“A contemporary, insightful and joyous production . . .  Being grounded in a modern vernacular allows for a kinetic, action-filled play . . . Most enjoyable was T. Ryder Smith’s Touchstone. Wearing a baseball cap and adding a streetwise banter to the clown’s witticisms, the actor brings home the fool’s wisdom without ever resorting to being cute.“ Daphne Kraft, North Jersey Herald & News

“Full of brio! A fine sense of ensemble spirit prevailed . . . Note the vocal and physical agility of T. Ryder Smith’s Touchstone, the jester who ‘sometimes speaks wiser than he is ware of’. “Alvin Klein, The New York Times

“The production succeeds on the efforts of two key players whose characterizations touch a modern nerve: the redoubtable Cheryl Williams as Rosalind . . . and T. Ryder Smith as the fool Touchstone, with his fussy manner, outrageous body language and cynical wit. These two are well worth a trip to the Festival.” Susan Brooks, The Independent Press