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Excerpts from the reviews

“‘Closer’ is an exquisitely staged and acted production of a provocative play . . . This show is what powerful, dramatic theatre is all about . . . Wonderfully engaging . . . A brilliant piece of writing . . . Smith’s Larry . . . is a loner with a cold exterior, quick to resort to an internet chat-room for satisfaction in the show’s most fascinating, not to mention humorous and memorable, scene . . . Closer is further enhanced by the show’s scenic and lighting designs . . . the walls are hung with panels of mirror Mylar with close-up negative images of parts of faces, especially eyes. The same material covers the stage floor, and the images glow in the silvery manner of film, shimmering and not quite recognizable. . . . . ” Rick Pender, Cincinnati CityBeat

“‘Closer’ is that rare play, both a full-blown tragedy and a full-blown comedy . . . This contemporary chamber drama is a powerful evening of theatre . . . Wickidly funny and painful . . . An exemplary cast . . . Smith is compelling as Larry, who is obsessed when he’s winning and unforgiving when he’s losing . . .” Jackie Demaline, The Cincinnati Enquirer