Measure for Measure



Cheryl Williams as Isabella; T. Ryder Smith as Angelo.


T. Ryder Smith, Tom Carson, J. C. Hoyt, M. Alexei Sage, Nicholas Viselli


Cheryl Williams, T. Ryder Smith


Cheryl Williams, T. Ryder Smith

Maureen Pedala, T. Ryder Smith, Cheryl Williams, J. C. Hoyt



Excerpts from the reviews

“An enthralling dark play of extraordinary psychological chiaroscuro . . . There are provocative performances: T. Ryder Smith is a demonic vision of pompousness, piety and passion in the role of Angelo. That Mr. Smith’s emoting could as well segue into a brooding Hamlet, a high-toned Tartuffe or a budding Norman Bates does not negate his palpable, self-flagellating torment when lust for Isabella consumes him.” Alvin Klein, The New York Times

“Smith is a riveting Angelo. He quietly insinuates himself into the torturous duality of the character. His dark visage and chiseled features lend an aura of incipient evil which threatens to smother those with whom he comes in contact . . . His scene with Isabella has a starling sensuality, and his plunge into depravity is shocking and disturbing . . . “ Naomi Siegel, The Independent Press

“As Angelo, the always-remarkable T. Ryder Smith brings light to the struggle that goes on under the stern veneer of the man in power. An unfailing performance.” Dennis Dougherty, The Jersey News-Record