Leland Gantt, Delroy Lindo.


Clement Fowler, John Buck, Jr., Olivia Birkelund, T. Ryder Smith, Delroy Lindo.


T. Ryder Smith, Olivia Birkelund.


Olivia Birkelund, Delroy Lindo.

Excerpts from the reviews

“A clear and astonishingly believable production by Hal Scott . . . He creates visually stunning moments . . . Delroy Lindo is incandescent. “ – Marianne Evett, The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“Scott’s ‘Afrocentric’ concept has virtually no impact . . . Delroy Lindo is imposing and entirely credible as Othello . . . but you’d never suspect hearing his rendition that the play contained a single line of poetry. . . As Desdemona, Olivia Birkelund shares in this prosaic quality . . . The rest of the cast is competent enough. . . . The costumes, while rich-looking, are cumbersome and awkward, causing the actors to constantly hike them up, step on them or kick them out of the way . . . I haven’t seen so much swirling, flipping, and flaunting of capes since my last bullfight.“ – James Damico, The Cleveland Free Times