Other theatre work, 2000


The Life of Spiders, a new play by Kelly Stuart
Staged reading, The Development Wing/Blue Light Theatre, Entre Acts series, NYC
Directed by Melissa Kievman
With: Mia Barron, Stephanie Bast, Larry Block, David Grillo, Jason Butler Harner, T. Ryder Smith, Michael Stuhlbarg, Rebecca Wisocky
January, 2000


Waiting for Godot to Leave, a play by Oana Maria Cajal
Staged reading, New Dramatists, Graduation Festival, New Dramatists, NYC
Directed by David Levine
With: Paul Savas, Mary Schulz, T. Ryder Smith, Dale Soules, Paul Zimet
June, 2000


Dream of a Dancing Bear, a play by Stephanie Fleischmann.
Staged reading, New Georges Performathon, NYC
Directed by Rachel Levine
With: John Holyoke, T. Ryder Smith, Erika Stuart.
July 2000