Romeo and Juliet


David New as Romeo, Maureen Pedala as Juliet.



Tom Carson as Capulet, T. Ryder Smith as Paris.





David New, Maureen Pedala.


Excerpts from the reviews

“A strong, sound, intelligent production . . .  “ – Barbara Ann Luckacs, Shakespeare Bulletin

“Director Paul Barry hammers out a rough, rugged, defiantly handmade version from the materials at hand . . but, gradually, the tale of young love and old hates rekindles it’s timeless fire. . . . David New’s Romeo is glamorously sulky and brooding at the start, but convincingly deepens as he’s transfigured by love . . . Maureen Pedala has staked her whole performance on evoking the unguarded urgency of youth. It works . . . Slowly, the actress’ intelligence and skill wins us over. Juliet becomes a vivid tender presence. . .  T. Ryder Smith injects a tortured sincerity into the thankless role of Romeo’s rival. His haggard Paris sometimes seems more profoundly lovesick than New’s smooth Romeo . . . “ – Bob Campbell, The Newark Star-Ledger

“The blatant awkwardness of the staging borders on obliviousness . . . Oddly, Juliet’s rejected suitor, Paris, in T. Ryder Smith’s melancholy and amorous portrayal, appears more smitten than Romeo. Likewise, other accomplished performances are presumably a result of individual chance rather than directorial design . . .  and make relatively major impressions in minor roles.“ – Alvin Klein, The New York Times