The Misanthrope



T. Ryder Smith.


Steve Rankin, Cara-Duff McCormick.


Michael Elich, Deborah LaCoy, Andrew Borba.



Excerpts from the reviews

“Bartlett’s strategy is take the 17th-century tragicomedy  . . . and relocate it to 1990’s Hollywood, where a similar brand of backbiting and flattery thrives as it did in the courts . . . It almost works – comes close enough, in fact, to be consistently intriguing in this lavish production. . . . Highly placed among these nebulous insiders is T. Ryder Smith as Oronte, an affected New-Age type who sits cross-legged on the floor and is give a hilarious poem to recite . . . it is a remarkably fine-tuned portrayal, very supple and expressive in an insidious, cat-like way. He’s subtly obnoxious, and hence all the more comically appealing.” Tom Sime, The Dallas Observer

“A droll, pithy revival . . . brilliantly updated . . . a dazzling adaptation . . . T. Ryder Smith  has some hilarious moments as Oronte, a purveyor of truly putrid poetry, who mistakenly asks for Alceste’s honest opinion, and gets it. . . “ Joy Dickinson, The Dallas News