The Moth and the Flame







Photos by Hunter Canning and Nadia Gan.

Above, from top, l to r: back row: Gita Reddy, Suzanne Lynch, Tonya Canada, Irungu Mutu, Bret Haines, Quinlan Corbett. Front row: Stephanie Eiss, Will Badgett, Nadia Gan; Nadia Gan, T. Ryder Smith; Quinlan Corbett, Irungu Mutu, Gita Reddy; Suzanne Lynch, Tonya Canada, Jay Buol; Irungu Mutu, Audrey Lorea, Suzanne Lynch; T. Ryder Smith, Nadia Gan.


Rehearsals and Offstage

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Above: Meredith Palin with costumes; trying on various sailor suits; rehearsing; Yuri Skugins; Jay Smith helps Suzanne Lynch with a costume issue; Tonya Canada figures it out; laughter at rehearsal; director Yuri Skujins and Stage manager Conrad Kluck; T. Ryder and Jay Smith; Quinlan Corbett and Irungu Mutu; T. Ryder and Audrey Laurea.





This production was not open for review.


Inadvertent cast reunion, 2014

About half the members of the cast from The Moth and the Flame crossed paths in the fall of 2014. I was appearing in Katori Hall’s Our Lady of Kibeho, (see page here) at NYC’s Signature Theatre Co, and our run overlapped another show performing there, David Rabe’s Sticks and Bones, which had Nadia Gan in the cast. Then we lost an actor in Kibeho just before previews who was replaced by Irungu Mutu. Tonya Canada came to see our show one night, and Quinlan Corbett came to see Nadia’s the next. And then Gita Reddy came, and Yuri Skujins. We hoped that eventually we could get a photo with every cast member from The Moth and the Flame, but the shows just didn’t run long enough.


Irungu Mutu, T. Ryder Smith, Tonya Canada, Nadia Gan.


Quinlan Corbett, Irungu Mutu, T. Ryder Smith, Nadia Gan.

Yuri Skujins, T. Ryder Smith, Quinlan Corbett, Irungu Mutu.


Irungu Mutu, Gita Reddy, Nadia Gan, T. Ryder Smith.

 Above, from top: Irungu Mutu, T. Ryder Smith, Tonya Canada, Nadia Gan.
With Quinlan Corbett, left.
With Yuri Skujins, left, and Quinlan Corbett.
With Gita Reddy.