Tom Jones

James Casey, Kathleen Conlon.


T. Ryder Smith as Fellamar; Diana LaMar as Sophia.


T. Ryder Smith as Northerton; James Casey as Tom Jones.


Excerpts from the reviews

“A full-course feast! Big, rowdy, and generally entertaining, a melange of busty wenches, merry rogues, foaming tankards and flashing swords . . . The play is really a showcase for it’s featured players. There are some truly delightful turns: Lounging about insolently, even at swordpoint, bewigged T. Ryder Smith is a hilariously languorous London lecher out to breach Sophia’s country virtue . . . “ – Bob Campbell, The Newark Star-Ledger

“A fast and fun romp! Zesty direction and a wildly enthusiastic cast. As the prissy London Lord Fellamar, T. Ryder Smith is a dandified delight, a flat-footed peacock who doesn’t really exist without his glorious and fashionable plumage.” – Ted Otten, The Times of Trenton

“Superficial . . . The effect of Ronald Martell’s staging is more noisy than lively, and hardly for an instant, original. . . Of course, literary adaptations have been done, from Paul Sills’s basic, often-copied ”Story Theater” to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s sweeping ”Nicholas Nickleby.” But without a creative vision or the technical command to transpose cinematic effects to the stage, the work is better left on the page. One has the impression that at its best, the Festival’s ”Tom Jones” exudes the air of a collegiate production . . . “ – Alvin Klein, The New York Times

“A rollicking, breakneck and bawdy delight! Many NJSF veterans create small but utterly delicious roles that make this such a rich, bright piece. Among them are T. Ryder Smith’s pompous, prancing Lord Fellamar . . . “ – Susan Brooks, The Independent Press