“With enhanced capabilities, a small collection of quasi humans aboard the spaceship Theseus must make first contact with an alien race at the edge of the solar system. However, upon approach to the alien ship, they realize just how ill-equipped they are for such an engagement. Though a well-used plot, Watts’s exploration of the psychological and cerebral aspects of first contact will keep listeners engaged. T. Ryder Smith drives the entire story through the eyes of Keeton, a man incapable of legitimate empathy but great mimicry. Smith’s emphasis and pacing work to tease out the story’s suspense and intrigue while his character voices capture the sense of alienation among the crew of the Theseus.”
– L.E., Audiofile magazine

“Probably the best Sci-Fi audiobook I’ve listened to this year. . . . In fact, I’m re-listening to it so I can appreciate the small details I’ve missed at first (I rarely do that but it’s so worth it in this case). . . . The narration by T. Ryder Smith is nothing short of amazing. His calm, composed and analytical rendition of Siri is spot on and oh just how creepy he makes Sarasti’s voice!”