The Night Train



“The beat of sweet Southern jazz and down-home rhythm and blues infuses Clyde Edgerton’s novel. Narrator T. Ryder Smith mimics the rival tempos in this story of two unlikely friends and their attempt to reproduce singer James Brown’s Live at the Apollo album. Smith depicts the segregated South of 1963 with a tinge of melancholy and dark humor as white Dwayne and his black friend, Larry, find common ground in Dwayne’s band, the Amazing Rumblers. This Night Train is heartwarming and hilarious. It’s a must-listen for fans of Edgerton and stories about artists finding their voices.”
– R.O., Audiofile magazine


Overview of the town of Stark:

      V.NightTrain.6 - T. Ryder

Larry Lime learns the blues:

      V.NightTrain.4 - T. Ryder

Aunt Marzie:

      V.NightTrain1 - T. Ryder