“Undertaker Fenton Breece has a deeply dark and twisted pastime. When photographs of Fenton’s fun are unearthed by Kenneth Tyler and his beautiful sister, Corrie, their botched extortion attempt pulls psychopath Granville Sutter into the mix–with deadly consequences. Narrator T. Ryder Smith produces guttural wheezes, gravelly growls, and whimsical Southern accents to create a grisly tableau reminiscent of the best of William Faulkner, the comic tragedy of Flannery O’Connor, and the most nerve-jangling of Stephen King. Novelist Gay creates a gothic universe characterized by classic Southern themes of love, revenge, and redemption. Smith portrays each character with dead-on realism. Gay proves himself the righteous heir to cloaks worn by the best Southern writers, and T. Ryder Smith delivers a masterpiece of macabre chills.”
– R.O., Audiofile magazine

“I have been a lover of fiction since 1961, I was age 10. I especially love what I call “imaginative fiction”, which could be a thriller, or horror, or any story where there are no boundaries, the author’s imagination is the only limit. This story is one of these, extremely well written. I will use a stereotypical word, “gripped”. This story gripped me. It takes alot to do that for me, as I am jaded. The author and the narrator are absolutely excellent and I give them both a ’10′”.
– L., review